“A Day In Her Shoes”

2018 SF Decorators Showcase ~ A Vintage Modern Styling Room by Gretchen Murdock, Modtage Design

Inspired by the past, enchanted with the present - a room that blends the vintage treasures of days gone by with the fresh allure of days to come.  Follow us through A Day In Her Shoes….

A tranquil and meticulous styling room awaits, where she prepares her daily ensemble while enjoying a calming space, far from chaos and clutter. Entering the room, a mix of natural materials and handmade elements greet her, carefully planned and placed. 

To the right lies a stunning textural tile, handmade by artisans in Bali, each piece carefully and precisely placed.  To the left, blackened oak panels are sculpted to follow the natural growth curves of a tree as they flow up the walls and across the ceiling.  An exquisite vintage chair provides a restful repose as she contemplates the day ahead.

The open wardrobe transforms her clothing and accessories into an exhibit, beautifully displaying each element of her wardrobe.  The rich backdrop provides just a hint of masculinity, while still allowing all her finery and femininity to shine through.   

A beautiful blend of both vintage and modern pieces are layered throughout the room to compliment her unique style - a style that is anything but ordinary.  Recalling the words of her favorite style icon, she smiles as she prepares her day.  Her mantra?  

Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” - Grace Kelly

Special thanks to all the wonderful artisans and fashion designers whose beautiful pieces grace this space.  We are particularly proud to be supporting so many sustainable, local and female led businesses in our design.  Hats off to you all! 

Room Photography

Professional room photography may be downloaded here.

Credits: "Interior Design by Gretchen Murdock, Modtage Design. Photography by Christopher Stark."  

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  • Acapella  | Closet & Woodworking Installation
  • Almond & Co | Vintage Leather Chair by Nanna Ditzel 
  • Altman & Co | General Contractors
  • Anaya | Tile Installation
  • Apparatus Studio | Lighting
  • Architectural Materials Lab | Batu Dimensional Hex Tile & Bole European Oak Walls
  • Cecily Chudacoff Couture | Jewelry & Scarves
  • Citizenry | Rug
  • De Sousa Hughes  | Mattaliano Side Table
  • Hakwood  | Flooring
  • Heath Ceramics  | Accessories
  • jak-w  | Muuto Mirror, Skultuna Brass Accessories
  • Lan Jaenicke | Silk & Cashmere Clothing
  • Lila B. Designs | Outdoor Plants
  • Malatesta & Co | Window Coverings Fabrication
  • Mueller Nicholls  | Custom Closet Fabrication & Millwork
  • Past Perfect | Vintage Artwork, Decanter & Jewlery
  • Pollack Fabrics | Window Fabric
  • Treelovers  |  Flooring Installation
  • Ulla Johnson | Shoes
  • Zelma Rose | Handwoven Necklaces

Digital Media Kit:  Robert Whitworth Creative

About Modtage Design

Led by founder Gretchen Murdock, Modtage Design thrives in the rich space between form and functionality and specializes in combining modern design components with vintage objects and architectural elements of the past. Inspired by her travels, her designs reflect a love of bold patterns and color, yet maintain a clean and polished feel inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. Vintage finds from her travels paired with modern design elements is a favorite juxtaposition. 

modtagedesign.com  |  Instagram @modtagedesign

About The San Francisco Decorators Showcase

The 41st annual SF Decorators Showcase is located at 465 Marina Boulevard in the heart of San Francisco’s Marina District, marking the first time in Showcase history that the event will be held in the historic neighborhood.  This 1930 home was originally designed by architect George McCrea and has been completely transformed by Northern California’s top interior and landscape designers. 

Widely considered to be the West Coast’s premier Showcase event, all the funds raised through the SF Decorator Showcase go directly to support the San Francisco University High School Financial Aid Program.  Open to the public from April 28 - May 28, 2018. (Closed Mondays, except for Memorial Day).  For more information, visit www.decoratorshowcase.org

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