“Moody Blues”

2017 SF Decorators Showcase ~ Powder Room & Vestibule (1st Level)

Designed by Benni Amadi Interiors and Courtney Springer Interiors

Dark and dramatic, yet elegant and inviting - this “Moody Blue” powder room and vestibule blend the extravagance of a bygone era with just the right amount of modern design to create an exquisite space full of intrigue and excitement…

The Powder Room

Dark colors and architectural details set the tone and give a nod to the home’s historic past, while super high-gloss black paneled walls, a modern marble sink and brass accents bring a contemporary elegance to this jewel box powder room. 

By absorbing the light, the black walls of the room are less clearly marked and give an illusion of space. The floor surprises with a pop of blue color, while the herringbone pattern is another nod to the traditional architecture of the home.

The main light fixture is an oversized pendant that purposely bends the rules of scale and proportion.  It hangs in the corner of the room and cascades down to eye level, creating a contemporary sculptural element.  The wallpaper moves off the walls and up to the ceiling to create an unexpected design feature, adding tension and excitement as it completes the space. 

The Vestibule

In the vestibule, the walls are covered in an exotic blue palm print, while the ceiling and trims are painted in high gloss black, a perfect juxtaposition to the powder room’s paint and paper layout. A deep blue architectural console with brass accents furnishes the space with elegant lines and striking simplicity.

The result is two gorgeous rooms whose “Moody Blue” designs bring elegance and drama to this historic home.  Creations that honor the past while taking a deliberate step towards something more bold and modern - and all the intrigue and excitement that goes with it. 

Room Photography

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Resources and Vendors

  • Brett Design/HEWNX - Vestibule Console

  • C2 - Paint

  • Cedar and Moss - Sconces

  • Eskayel - Bathroom and Vestibule Wallpapers

  • Fireclay Tile - Floor Tile

  • Forbes and Lomax – Light Switches and Dimmers

  • Jen PROPS Larkin - Vestibule Art

  • Kohler - Bathroom Fixtures

  • Ladies and Gentleman Studio for Roll & Hill - Pendant Light

  • Simon Breitbard Fine Arts - Powder Room Artwork

Photography Credits - Showcase Room - Christopher Stark Photography 
Designer’s Portrait - Lauren Edith Anderson

Digital Media + Print Collateral
Robert Whitworth Creative

About Benni Amadi Interiors

Benni Amadi Interiors is a San Francisco-based design studio offering a wide range of interior design services.  Born and raised in Italy, Benni brings her international sensibility and curator’s eye to each of her projects.  She combines a keen design eye with her passion for art, travel and fashion to design spaces that are sophisticated, refined, and above all livable. 

She believes that each client has a unique relationship with their interior surroundings and her designs are a reflection of that: individual, customized, and infused with a myriad of personal touches. By blending eclectic materials, mixing new and vintage, and adding a dose of the bold to each project, Benni gives each space its own personality, allowing its distinctive story to unfold. 

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About Courtney Springer Interiors

Courtney Springer Interiors is a San Francisco based interior design firm, founded by principal designer Courtney Springer. After completing her degree in Interior Architecture and Design, Courtney spent several years working for noted San Francisco designer Will Wick.  Under Will's mentorship, Courtney completed many notable projects around the Bay Area, including the Master Bedroom at the 2015 San Francisco Decorator's Showcase.

Courtney brings an eye for detail and luxury to her projects and specializes in creating beautiful, livable spaces at any budget. She is exceptionally adept at creating accessible luxury, and tailoring the function and aesthetics of a space to her clients’ unique needs.

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The 2017 Decorator Showcase house is located at 2698 Pacific Avenue and is an exquisite ‘classical revival’ mansion - one of the finest in San Francisco. The 11,000 sq ft residence was designed in 1904 by acclaimed architects Newsom and Newsom and features grand entertaining rooms with 12-foot ceilings and stunning period details.  The dramatic entry foyer, formal library, and majestic living and dining rooms are among the most sumptuous rooms in the city. 

This year marks the 40 year anniversary of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase and to date, this annual event has raised over $15 million to benefit the San Francisco University High School financial aid program, allowing hundreds of deserving Bay Area students access to a world-class college preparatory education.  

The Decorator Showcase house is open to the public on Tuesdays through Sundays. (Closed Mondays, except for Memorial Day).  Tickets are $40 general admission, $35 for seniors and students. For more information, visit www.decoratorshowcase.org

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